Jungle met bomen struiken en lianen.

Working with Quilombo

In recent years, Quilombo has grown into a fully-fledged production house of corporate films, commercials & online (interactive) video series for companies, advertising, or communication agencies and audiovisual adventures of all kinds.

In addition to these commercial assignments, we have also developed several artistic projects, and we are nurturing some long term artistic expeditions. 

We are located in Ghent, close to the Gent Sint-Pieters train station and next to the citadel park. 

With a lot of man- and woman power, we respond to the increasing demand for quality content, and we are ready to take our customers one step further. With a new creative and fertile workplace (#underconstruction) and the wildest team in this urban jungle, we will continue this audiovisual adventure.

Let's make great content together.

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Looking for a partner to develop your content? To reflect on your audiovisual communication strategy and/or to implement it. We have a vast expertise in exploring the jungle of ideas and coming up with surprising stories told in a catchy way.

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Want to apply spontaneously? Please feel free to do so: we appreciate enthusiasm as a talent and believe in serendipity.

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Celien was in één woord indrukwekkend.
Ondanks de gure weersomstandigheden zette ze een prestatie neer die de deelnemers én de crew kippenvel bezorgde. 


Events on the move

L'équipe était très sympathique et professionelle.


Net het eindresultaat bekeken. Proficiat voor gans de ploeg. Mooi werk.
Ik ben er trots op en zou hier direct komen solliciteren. ;-) Nu de rest nog!

Erg fijn om met jullie samen te werken.

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