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Redcourt Domo Sports Grass

Domo® Sports Grass invests heavily in social responsibility and believes in the importance of giving back to our communities. They take a multi-faceted approach to corporate citizenship, launching sustainability programmes and partnering with organisations to empowering vulnerable communities.


Still from our project Les choses en face

Les choses en face

When fate breaks two strangers apart, it is pain that brings them together to man up and face the reality.


Our crew at work

What we do?

We tell the stories of brands, companies, and organisations through inspiring video content for external or internal communication purposes. In addition to these commercial assignments, we also develop artistic projects. 

Our focus is on the human aspect, innovative concepts and a no-nonsense approach. We do our utmost to bring high-impact information to the right target audience and always adapt form, content and colour to the appropriate channel

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Mamma Roma

Duurzaamheidsfilm Sports and Leisure Group

Explainer video about sustainability (nl/en/es)
Complex info about corporate social responsibility in the synthetic turf industry incorporated into an attractive and informative film. For this, we combined infographics with live footage to make the whole movie coherent and attractive.

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short / fiction / shortdramathriller
Samuel, a lonely writer who has fallen ashore, spends his days in his secluded home in a gray, desolate valley. A serious condition to his brain causes him to deteriorate further and create black holes in his memory. The loneliness and the dark environment have engulfed him and the walls seem to come towards him more and more.

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L' Arogante

L' Arogante

Commercial (nl/fr)
A local, and yet absolutely Belgian brewer, with one leg in Flanders and one in the Ardennes. And a very specific branding. Three different storylines, which can be combined in the longer version, each telling one aspect of the beer's specificity.

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Mamma Roma


Moodfilm (nl/fr)
School exchanges - primary and secondary grades: Getting to know and understand the 'neighbours'.

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Mamma Roma

Gent knapt op

Animation (nl/en)
An informative animation video about ICCARus ('Gent Knapt Op') which provides a unique housing renovation scheme for vulnerable home-owners in Ghent.

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Les choses en face

Les choses en face

Short (nl/fr)
When fate breaks two strangers apart, it is pain that brings them together to man up and face the reality.

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About us

In recent years, Quilombo has grown into a fully-fledged production house of corporate films, commercials & online (interactive) video series for companies, advertising or communication agencies and audiovisual adventures of all kinds.

In addition to these commercial assignments, we have also developed several artistic projects and we are nurturing some long term artistic expeditions. 

We are located in Ghent, close to the Gent Sint-Pieters train station and next to the citadel park. 

With a lot of man- and womanpower, we respond to the increasing demand for quality content and we are ready to take our customers one step further. With a new creative and fertile workplace #underconstruction and the wildest team in this urban jungle, we will continue this audiovisual adventure.


We: Elena, Evelyn, Lucas and Perry, along with an incredible tribe of talented partners aka Quilombo, are ready to create exceptional content to inspire people and bring stories to life.

Our crew members

Quilombo has its feet on the ground. No blah, blah, blah. We like to get things done and go for it. Always as a team.

We give it our best shot and always strive to deliver on time and to be proud of the result.

People inspire people. We want to get to know you in order to guarantee quality and to integrate your personality into the projects. We aim for long-term collaborations, based on mutual trust and respect.

Our team at work

We believe that images have the power to move, inspire and trigger action. Our mission is to make films and video series that have a lasting impact on those who watch them.

Our strength is storytelling. Storytelling is a flag that can cover more than one charge. For us, it's all about listening to our clients' stories. What motivates you? What do you want to tell? To whom? Why do you want to tell it?

One of the stills of our projects

Stad Gent
Group Van Damme
Mamma Roma
Atlas Copco
Koning Boudewijnstichting
Brussels Airport

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