How an audiovisual corporate magazine strengthens your internal communication?

We know communication is an integral part of our business and life. Ineffective communication may lead to friction, frustrations, lost information, loss of return, lower productivity and motivation, a lack of alignment with the company's goals and values and much more. According to another research from Workhuman, large companies lose an average of 59 million euros each year due to inadequate internal communication. And yet, companies are investing so little in strengthening it. It's time to take a turn. This is where an audiovisual corporate magazine can help to optimize your internal communication in a simple, straightforward, and connecting way.


From decreased productivity to a smoother workflow

According to research by Hailo, 44 % of employees failed to complete their projects due to ineffective internal communication. This can lead to misunderstandings, delays, not sharing knowledge, and time wasted as employees struggle to access relevant information to complete their tasks.

With an audiovisual corporate magazine, you build connections between team members and share information in an engaging and easily digestible format. It ensures that essential updates, announcements, knowledge, and instructions are effectively conveyed to all employees. This leads to smoother workflows and improved productivity.


From employee disengagement and higher employee turnover rates to inclusion and retention

Employees who feel uninformed may become disconnected, disengaged, undervalued, less motivated and stressed. According to research by Hailo, 52 % of employees felt higher stress levels in the workplace due to ineffective internal communication. As a result, your employees are more likely to seek opportunities elsewhere, resulting in higher turnover rates.

An audiovisual corporate magazine can feature stories about employees, achievements, and personal journeys, creating a sense of connection and community. By highlighting the organization's human side, employees are more likely to feel engaged and valued. An audiovisual corporate magazine can improve job satisfaction and employee retention by personalizing content and recognizing employee achievements. This ultimately leads to lower turnover rates and cost savings associated with recruitment and training.


From a lack of alignment to shared ambitions

Without clear and consistent internal communication, employees may not fully understand the company's mission, vision, and strategic objectives. This can lead to misalignment, conflicting priorities and missed performance goals. According to Hailo, 31 % of employees missed their performance goals due to inadequate internal communication.

An audiovisual corporate magazine can regularly repeat the company's values, goals, and strategic initiatives. It is making people more acquainted with it in an entertaining way. It provides a platform to articulate and visually demonstrate the company's direction, ensuring everyone is on the same page.


From missed opportunities to innovation and growth

Inefficient internal communication can hinder feedback and collaboration within the organization, leading to missed opportunities for improvement and innovation. According to Hailo's research, 20 % of employees saw obstacles to innovation due to inadequate internal communication.

Incorporating interactive elements like surveys, polls, and Q&A sessions in a corporate video magazine encourages employee involvement and sharing feedback. This facilitates two-way communication and fosters a culture of feedback and collaboration, allowing for better problem-solving and innovation.


From information overload to a manageable stream of info

Excessive and irrelevant information can overwhelm employees and reduce their ability to focus on critical updates.

A recurring (every 2 or 3 months) audiovisual corporate magazine provides a consistent and manageable stream of information. It ensures that employees receive timely updates without overwhelming them, making it easier to absorb and act on important information.


To conclude

In summary, an audiovisual corporate magazine can strengthen internal communication by providing engaging, inspiring, manageable, consistent, and personalized content that fosters connection, involvement, and alignment within the organization. It serves as an effective medium for conveying essential information while promoting a sense of community and employee engagement.


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