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Samuel, a lonely writer who has fallen ashore, spends his days in his secluded home in a gray, desolate valley. The loneliness and the dark environment have engulfed him and the walls seem to come towards him more and more.

When he is about to end his life, he is suddenly interrupted by an external intruder. Samuel finds this individual by the cliffs by the sea and sees the man being swallowed by the waves. Despite his lousy state of mind, Samuel doesn't hesitate for a moment and rescues the man from the sea. 




Script & Director: Arjen Schotel
Production: Chev Productions

Co-production: Peer films & Quilombo
DOP: Christiaan van Leeuwen
Production design: Robin Bruinsma
Focus puller: Patrick Rietvelt
VFX: The Panics
Steady cam: Maric Dam
Watercamera: Bas Koole
Camera assistant: Ruben van Barneveld
Cast: Steve Wall & Lucas Tavenier

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